3 Tips For Beating Driving Test Anxiety

Posted on: 10 June 2017


Taking your driving test and getting your license can be very nerve-wracking. After all, you are not yet an experienced driver, so driving itself can still seem quite scary and overwhelming. Some people are especially anxious about the test itself, especially if they've already attempted it once without passing. Luckily, there are effective strategies for beating driving test anxiety so it doesn't adversely affect your performance. If your driving test is coming up and you are experiencing anxiety, just follow these four tips:

Take Extra Driving Lessons

While in most states there is a minimum requirement for driving hours, it's usually a good idea to sign up for as many additional hours of driving lessons as possible. The more experience you have behind the wheel, the more natural and comfortable driving will begin to feel. Plus, your driving instructor will help you correct any driving mistakes so that you don't make those mistakes during your driving test. If you spend extra time behind the wheel for additional driving instruction, you may be surprised by how much of your anxiety begins to dissolve.

Find the Route

Your driving instructor most likely knows the route you will be asked to drive on your driving test, especially if your instructor and the testing center are located in the same part of town. If your instructor doesn't know this information, you may be able to find it by asking the driving center, or even some of your friends who have recently taken their driving tests. Knowing the driving test route gives you the chance to practice it, so you don't have to fear the unexpected. Each time you practice driving it, the will become less intimidating.

Take Good Care of Yourself

The night before your driving test, do things to put yourself in a relaxed state of mind. This may include deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or listening to relaxing music. Try to put your test completely out of your mind, and if it pops into your head just remind yourself that you are very prepared and have nothing to worry about. Get plenty of sleep the night before your test, and start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Simply taking care of your mental and physical state before the test can help alleviate many symptoms of anxiety.

Taking your driving test doesn't have to cause major anxiety. By following these tips, you will get your driving test nerves under control and improve your chances of passing your test.