Did You Recently Adopt A Preschooler? 3 Steps To Finding The Best Educational Program

Posted on: 17 October 2017


The past few years have been challenging as you worked hard to build your family. Now, you are thrilled to welcome the youngest member to your family, and you want to give them everything they could ever need to thrive. You know that a quality preschool program lays the foundation for a lifetime of success, and you can find the right learning center for your child by following these steps.

Ask About the Curriculum

Quality preschool programs encourage early child development through carefully planned activities that target specific skills. However, the methods used in one program can be very different from those used in another. Ideally, the program that you choose should use a curriculum that is based upon the best practices for early childhood education. Although the teachers will naturally incorporate lessons based upon each child's individual learning style, there should be a curriculum in place that teaches skills such as literacy and mathematics.

Tour the Facility

You should expect any preschool program to be proud of their facility and to be willing to provide prospective parents with a tour. Contact your preferred program and ask to take a tour during a regular day. During your tour, look for signs of a quality program. For example, you should hear a happy hum of activity as the children participate in individual and group learning activities. The facility should also look clean and organized, and the children should appear relaxed as they go through their daily routine. The tour is also a great time to ask more questions about the curriculum and to learn about what a typical day holds for the preschoolers in the program.

Meet With the Teachers

Once you have narrowed down your options, you will be ready to meet your child's potential teachers. If your child has special needs or challenges in their past, let them know so that they are prepared to give your child everything they need to be comfortable in their new environment. You can also arrange for your child to attend a brief session before their first day to see how they interact with their new teachers before they are fully immersed in the program.

Welcome the newest addition to your family by providing them with a quality preschool program that fosters their development. From enjoying a read-aloud to mastering their painting skills, every moment at preschool is filled with fun activities that stimulate learning. By taking the time to find the right program for your new child, you can look forward to watching as they make new discoveries every day. Contact a preschool program like Advantage Learning Center to learn more.