Flight-Training Myths That Are Not Worth Your Attention

Posted on: 29 September 2020


No matter what a person's goal is in life, they should never let misinformation, or an outright myth get in the way. If you have aspirations of earning your pilot certificate, you are not exempt from this idea. Unfortunately, some people might see their dreams cut short, as there is quite a bit of misinformation concerning the flight training process. To ensure you get one step closer to your goal, learn about some of this misinformation that you want to ignore.

Serious Risks are Involved

There is no question about it, flying an aircraft and driving a car are not the same. However, not only is air travel often safer but in terms of the training process, there is no need for you to be concerned about serious risks. First, an instructor will never require more of someone in fight training than they know the person can handle. 

Second, you will always conduct training with a trusted co-, and often lead, pilot right by your side. You will remain safe during your entire flight training experience so that you can go on to be a safe pilot.

It is as Simple as Flying

One way that driving a vehicle and earning your pilot's license are similar is in the area of the certification process. In the same fashion that a person cannot obtain their driver's license by simply completing the driver's exam alone, earning your pilot license includes a practical and hands-on component. 

As a result, if you have the idea that flight training is only about flying, you may be mistaken. You should be prepared to learn about the different elements that impact the flight process, including the effect that safety regulations, weather conditions, and other factors have on flying. 

High-Level Academic Requirements Exist

Another roadblock that hinders some people is the idea that to be a pilot you need a college degree. Although there are some professional positions in which a degree in an aviation-related field may be required, in terms of the flight training experience, you do not have to worry yourself with this idea.

In some programs, it is not even necessary to have your high school diploma to complete the program. All you need is a desire and passion to fly.

If you are concerned about the information you have on hand, it is always a good idea to speak with the aviation academy directly. From providing you with specific information about their program to any other concerns you have, a counselor is more than equipped to help.