How To Find An Aviation School That Is Right For You

Posted on: 25 July 2016


1. Certificate or Degree?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are looking to earn a certificate or a degree in aviation. There are many vocational schools that offer training in aviation where you can complete a certification. There are also many universities that include an aviation degree. The advantage of getting a certification from a flight school is that it tends to be more affordable than a full blown degree. On the other hand, the advantage to a degree is that it is often seen as an advantage in the field. 

2. Plan Ahead

After you have decided which educational path is right for you, you need to consider what you want flight training for. Are you interested in becoming a commercial pilot for a major airline? Do you want to fly for the military? Are you just interested in flying for recreation? Are you hoping to fly a helicopter or fighter jet? The type of aircraft you want to fly and the kind of flying you are interested in  will affect which aviation school you should go to. 

3. A Good Flight School 

Once you have your future as a pilot figured out, you should compare aviation schools and programs. A good program will include lots of flight time to give you plenty of experience. Looking for a school with good teacher to student ratio is a good idea. If the instructors are not spread too thin, than you will receive more one on one attention. You should make sure that your school offers the program and certification you are looking for. You could even look at reviews for the school and see what people are saying about their experience. Price is also an important factor for most people when they are considering aviation schools. A school that cares for their students and strives to deliver the best training and education will help ensure you get the most for your money. 

4. Flying 

Once you have chosen the perfect flight school, the journey has just begun; flight school is both rigorous and fun. If you put in the effort, you will be soaring the skies in no time at all. Flying can be very fulfilling. You get to travel the world and see it from a whole new perspective. As a pilot you will be part of an elite group of people who fly goods and people all over the world; finding a good aviation school is just the first step.  

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