Reasons To Send Your Child To A Montessori School

Posted on: 22 November 2017


Hundreds of Montessori schools exist throughout the country. As a parent who is just starting to think about the type of education your young child will have, you may realize that you have little or no real knowledge of what Montessori schools are like. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Italy, this kind of education offers a child-focused experience that is different than other schools offer. Why consider Montessori education?

Freedom to Move

The first thing you'll probably notice if you sit in on a Montessori classroom is that desks are rarely used. The Montessori method encourages independence, so children are many times allowed to sit in groups or by themselves to work on various work rather than remaining tethered to a desk throughout the day. This gives the class day a more relaxed feeling and makes learning easier.

More Individual Attention

In Montessori classrooms, the teacher doesn't spend all day in front of the space while children sit and listen. Because the children can be working wherever they like, the teacher will work around the room, observing and interacting with individuals much more than in a traditional classroom experience. Your child is likely to get more one-on-one time, especially if they need help with an activity or lesson.

Learning from Other Children

Another unique aspect of Montessori classrooms is that they're mixed-age. Your five-year old could be in the same classroom as a few eight-year olds. The Montessori philosophy encourages socialization among different age groups for a few reasons. First, your young child can observe older kids who might have better skills than they do, so that they can get an idea of how they should be progressing. In addition, as your own child masters their work, they can act as a role model or mentor for younger kids. Finally, because the children are socializing with each other, they can learn to be more respectful and friendly to others who are younger or older than they are.

Less Reliance on Exams

Your child's Montessori teacher will be interested in your child holistically. They will observe them during the week and provide feedback based on their progress and interactions with others rather than their test scores. This can be more relaxing for your child and can help them continue to learn without fear.

Montessori schools offer much more to children everywhere. Visit local schools and learn more about this method so you and your spouse can make a decision about how your child should be educated.